11709 The Bastard Rub Sprinkler Lucifer's Delight

11709 The Bastard Rub Sprinkler Lucifer's Delight


320g | Packed per: 6

Looking for a delicious all-round rub with quite a bit of spice? Then it's time for a can of Lucifer's Delight. The smoked chipotle peppers give both spice and a smoky flavor. Ultimate barbecue booster for firm meats such as pork and beef. Feel free to try packing a sea fish with this spice mix. The present ginger and coriander provide a beautiful oriental aroma, the thyme for some extra spiciness.



Ingredients: Salt, herbs and spices (chipotle chilli pepper, ginger, coriander seed, thyme, coriander leaves), natural flavourings, onion, antioxidant: E300; anti-caking agent: E551; smoked maltodextrin, black pepper extract, garlic extract, onion extract.

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