11506 OFYR Souk

11506 OFYR Souk


150 g | Packed per: 6

The meaning of the word Souk is an ‘Arab market or a bazaar’. Imagine this place, the colours, the fragrances, the textures. Almost every spice that the Arabic cuisine is known for, is included in this mixture. The combination of ingredients like turmeric, cumin, sesame seeds and fennel seeds create a deep and nutty aroma. The addition of an unusual herb like lemon grass adds a citrus flavour, that is slightly sweet, tangy and which gives the mix a mild bite.



spices (paprika, SESAME seed, sumac, turmeric, coriander, cumin, cardamom, pepper, fennel, chilli), herbs (garlic, mint, oregano, lemongrass), salt, sugar, antioxidant (citric acid), flavour.

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