11501 OFYR Peppery Salt

11501 OFYR Peppery Salt


150 g | Packed per: 6

Peppery Salt is a real hero among the spice mixtures, providing a good base for every dish. Using
a blend of different and high-quality salts and peppers,
it has become the perfect seasoning. It combines different textures, like whole piment corns and ground Sichuan pepper, to stimulate all senses.
The included Pyramid Salt is a work of art in and of itself: its distinctive shape, light texture and mild taste add an exquisite finishing touch to any meat, fish, fruit or vegetable. The result: a mixture that you will use every day, in combination with every dish and spice mixture.



Ingredients: salt, spices (coriander, allspice, paradise seed, pepper), vegetable rapeseed oil (unhardened), smoke flavouring.

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