11413 The Bastard Rub Signature Rub

11413 The Bastard Rub Signature Rub


30 g | Packed per: 16

The Signature Rub is a real all-rounder. Lots of powerful flavors, like a rub should be according to 'The Bastard' grillmasters. With ingredients such as chili, rosemary, cocoa powder and roasted coffee, this rub will be suitable for a variety of applications, both on red and white meat, rack of lamb and firm fish.



Herbs and spices (black pepper, smoked paprika powder, chili pepper, rosemary, chipotle chilli powder, coriander seed, oregano, cumin), seasalt, cane sugar, vegetables (garlic, onion), roasted coffee beans granulate, salt, cocoa powder.

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