11412 The Bastard Rub Mediterranean Gold Dust

11412 The Bastard Rub Mediterranean Gold Dust


30 g | Packed per: 16

The Mediterranean Gold Dust Rub from 'The Bastard' is bursting with fresh spicy flavors that we know from Mediterranean cuisine. Many refined aromas including the turmeric, which colors the rub yellow gold. Goes well with light meats (chicken, poultry) and fine pieces of fish (tuna or salmon) and will also go very well with grilled vegetables.



Herbs and spices (black pepper, white pepper, coriander, parsley, CELERY seed, lovage leaf, turmeric), vegetables (garlic, red bell pepper, onion granulate), sea salt, flavourings, rapeseed oil, acid: E330; anti-caking agent: E551.

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