11318 Weber Saus Hot&Fruity

11318 Weber Saus Hot&Fruity


240 ml | Packed per: 6

Discover the delicious, exciting explosion of flavour in the Hot and Fruity Steaksauce von Weber! This delightful sauce offers a perfect balance of fruity and spicy, with a hint of exotic curry. Specially designed for white meats such as poultry and pork, but also delicious for an exotic twist to grilled vegetables. A sensational addition to any barbecue adventure with an unforgettable taste experience.



Ingredients: water, sugar, spirit vinegar, sunflower oil, peach (2,3%), modified corn starch, apricots (2%), curry (contains MUSTARD), dried onions, dried chilli (0,5%), thickeners: guar gum; table salt, colour: beta-carotene, beta-apo-8'-carotene; turmeric, glucose-fructose syrup, acid: citric acid; dried fennel, basil, thyme, fenugreek.
Contains mustard.

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