11303 Weber Classic Burger BBQ Sauce

11303 Weber Classic Burger BBQ Sauce


300ml | Packed per: 6

Especially for the barbecue burger, Weber has developed a unique sauce based on tomato sauce with mango, herbal extracts and cane sugar, among other things. The smoke flavors bring real savor to this exotic barbecue sauce. Small pickle cubes provide the freshness and bite that is exactly needed for the ultimate burger. This sauce is a must-have for burger lovers.



Tomato paste, sugar, water, gherkins (pickle, vinegar, salt), spices (onions, MUSTARD , spices), modified starch, wine vinegar, mango 1%, food flavor (contains SOYA ), salt, caramelized sugar, food acid (citric acid) cane sugar, yeast extract, color (ammonia caramel), apple juice concentrate, smoke flavour, spice extract, natural flavour.

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