11294 Weber BBQ Set in Metal Case

11294 Weber BBQ Set in Metal Case


125ml, 150ml, 150ml & 28g | Packed per: 6

An ultimate set with 4 Weber grill products in a beautiful metal case to take with you to every grill party. The BBQ Gourmet Cream is a delicious sauce based on balsamic vinegar (grape must vinegar) with pepper and curry spices. The Chili Gourmet Cream contains chili peppers and garlic. By spreading the sauce over a grill dish in thin streams, it gives a gastronomic look and taste! The Extra Virgin Olive Oil with lemon aroma is an ideal seasoning for salads, vegetables and fish. The Steak BBQ Seasoning contains 13 different herbs and spices. In short, a beautiful (gift) set for the culinary barbecue.




Lemon/parsley oil: mixture of extra virgin olive oil of European origin 97.5%, natural lemon aroma 1.5%, natural parsley aroma 1%.
Chili gourmet cream: white wine vinegar (contains
SULPHITES ) 45%, grape juice concentrate, tomatoes, modified corn starch, salt, chili pepper 0.5%, paprika, lemon juice, garlic (contains SULPHITES ), coriander.
Steak barbecue seasoning: herbs and pepper in variable proportions 72% (garlic (contains
SULPHITES ), rosemary, basil, oregano, bay leaves, grains of paradise, Szchuan pepper, tail pepper, pink berries, green pepper, black pepper, white pepper), smoked table salt 28%.
BBQ Gourmet cream: concentrated grape juice, white wine vinegar (contains SULPHITES ), cooked grape must) 18%, glucose-fructose syrup, modified corn starch, salt, tomatoes, onions (containing SULPHITES ), paprika, black pepper, oregano, curry, natural flavors, food acid: citric acid.

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