11350 Smokey Goodness BBQ Seasoning Rub Pig Powder

11350 Smokey Goodness BBQ Seasoning Rub Pig Powder


350g | Packed per: 6

With this Pig Powder BBQ Rub by Smokey Goodness, you transform every piece of pork into fine dining. With a nice sweetness from the cinnamon and fennel and a good dose of spice from the chipotle pepper, this BBQ spice rub is subtly balanced and a delicious flavor combination with pork. Throw a generous amount of BBQ seasoning on the meat and rub it in well before putting it on the BBQ and heaven awaits you. This is the BBQ spice mix for the preparation of, among other things, the tastiest pulled pork and spare ribs.



Ingredients: Cane sugar, herbs and spices (smoked paprika, paprika, chipotle chilli powder, black pepper, cinnamon, fennel seed, thyme, chilli, basil), salt, vegetables (garlic granules, onion), honey powder (maltodextrin, honey).
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